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Finding Creative Knowledge Pathways for Individuals and Organisations

The Paige Group, through its speciality business Advance Knowledge Networks, provides expert business and consulting advice in South Australia, nationally and internationally in the specialist areas of Applied Knowledge Management, Strategic Business Management, and Chairing and Facilitation.

We are dedicated to providing insights, information and practical advice about Knowledge Management (KM) and its many applications within organisations, workplaces, and social environments.

strategic business management

Strategic Business Management

Strategic Business Management is an organisation-wide task involving both the development and implementation of strategic organisational policies

world knowledge cafes

World Knowledge Cafes

Every business sits on a goldmine- its people. Utilise the knowledge & experience of your in-built talent, your business will grow and prosper.

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Helen's professional background enables a reality check on the current critical issues and challenges facing corporations and businesses.

About Advance Knowledge Networks

Advance Knowledge Networks (AKN) was launched in 2001, and is a dynamic business which provides a range of services, to local, national and international audiences. These services revolve around the varied background, experience and expertise of its founder and owner, Dr Helen Paige.

These include:

  • Board Directorships
  • Provision of Knowledge Management services, - including facilitating World Knowledge Cafes and undertaking KM audits
  • Speaker, Chair and Facilitator events
  • Publications, Writing, and Editing, and
  • Strategic Business Management

You are invited to share you own knowledge on our social media pages (facebooktwitter or linkedIn) by:

  • Posting thoughts, views and observations, or feedback about Board, Business and KM activities nationally and across the world.
  • Posting any research, case studies and other KM-related activities that you might be engaged in.
  • Advising of forthcoming conferences, conference outcomes or other conference-related activities, to share with other users.
  • Contributing to KM activities and applications in whatever area you may be working 
  • Advising of any research or application of KM to Board and Board Director activities, and 

Please also feel free to provide feedback or seek other any information you may wish from Dr Helen Paige of Advance Knowledge Networks by emailing her at