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the connector

Helen is an experienced Chair and director. After a dynamic and rewarding career as a Senior Advisor, serving in central government in South Australia involving both sides of politics, and a range of line agencies, as an academic, and Principal of a NFP, she established her own 3 consultancies. Having spent some time focussing on founding and developing these various start-up businesses, she is now concentrating on pursuing her board portfolio, and looking at the further integration of her past wide-ranging experience and expertise in public, private and international consultancy practice in knowledge management into the boardroom, both commercial and not-for- profit sectors. As well, she will utlize her key skill areas in governance, leadership, ethics and culture, critical thinking, negotiation and advocacy, sectors.

To this time, Helen has served on 12 boards during her career, as Chair, Deputy Chair and NED- covering a variety of areas, including legal and commercial, education, knowledge management, international trade, public administration and governance, disability, and indigenous affairs. In addition, her industry expertise, via advisory positions, covers public administration, research and development, agribusiness and food, regulation, and training and education.

Helen was selected in 2016 as a mentee in the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) 2015 Chair’s Mentoring Program, which aims to introduce highly experienced and qualified women to Chairpersons and senior directors of SX 200 COMPANIES, and is an editor for the AICD on various modules for the Company Director’s Course (2015-2016), namely The Role of the Board and the Practice of Directorship and Achieving Board Effectiveness.

As well as Board work, Helen consults and speaks in the area of integrated knowledge management, business improvement, innovation and collaboration, and facilitates World Knowledge Cafes at Conferences for a variety of clients, in a wide range of international and local destinations.

Her professional background enables a reality check on the current critical issues and challenges facing corporations and businesses.

She is keen to expand her board career.

You can read Helen's full Board CV here.