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With a professional career working primarily in the policy, advisory and governance areas, Helen has written many reports and training materials covering a variety of topics including, workforce planning and the Productivity Placement Program, research for Woods Bagot, an Environmental Scan for a large public transport provider, a customised Leadership Development Program, and a Project Implementation Plan for an organisational change process.

As an author, assessor and editor for over 20 years, she enjoys the process of researching, analysing and crafting the written word.  As a pre-requisite of her Doctoral degree in Education, she was required to publish the results of her research in refereed journals. This activity led to more formal writing and since that time, she has been published in a range of recognised professional journals, as well as in more mainstream publications such as regular columns on various business strategies, - staff retention strategies, leadership and teambuilding, and knowledge management, in The Advertiser; and executive coaching in the Weekend Professional segment in The Weekend Australian.  Her newsletter Ideation, was produced for over 6 years was read by a wide distributorship both locally and internationally.

She is an editor for the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) on various modules for the Company Director’s Course (2015-2016), namely The Role of the Board and the Practice of Directorship and Achieving Board Effectiveness.

She is available for editing, articles and guest blog assignments, and her specialities are Board Director skills, board governance, knowledge management, coaching and mentoring, and practical strategic business improvement.

Previously published articles include:

"The Mingling of Knowledge Management and Quality”
July 31, 2016, LinkedIn

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‘Find the time to get coached”.
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“Team Building”
The Advertiser, Executive Call segment, September 19, 2009

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“A Lack of Buzz”
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“Knowledge Lessons”
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”Staff Retention Strategies”
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The Strategic Management of Knowledge - The Potential for Law Firms “-
The Law Society Bulletin;Volume 25, No 11, pp 32-34.

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“An Evaluation of the Research: A Commercial Perspective Seminar”
Education Centre for Innovation and Commercialisation (ECIC), Adelaide University, November, 2003

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An Exploration of Learning, the Knowledge-Based Economy, and Owner-Managers of Small Bookselling Businesses.”
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