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Knowledge Management Leadership Award


Awarded a 2016 Knowledge Management Leadership Award by the Global Knowledge Management Congress and Awards for leadership and contribution to the field of Knowledge Management.

The Leadership Awards Program focuses on individuals whose leadership and contribution to the field is well known, that the position they occupy in the fraternity is strategic and iconic, and that they are a thinker, doer, a role model and a believer in change, and that they make a difference to the lives of others.

The conferring of the award is an intensely researched process undertaken by a Global Advisory council. Shortlisted individuals are those who are doing extraordinary work and possess a track record of achievement. The shortlist is then reviewed by a Jury comprised of senior professionals across the globe.

The award was conferred at the Global Knowledge Management Congress in Mumbai on 23 June 2016. http://pitch.pe/29fwsx5

"Since 2006, I have had the fortune to work with Helen on many different projects in and around areas on knowledge management. Helen has run many successful workshops and World Cafes for us, as well she has chaired on of the largest events in the Asia-Pacific on knowledge management - Knowledge Management Australia.

She able to use and teach culture and change in pushing forward KM principles and applications effectively."

Steven Oesterreich, Managing Director

"During recent Global Knowledge Management Congress & Awards, in Mumbai, I had a very productive interaction with Helen. I liked her value added presentation on ’KM: Improving and Sustaining Quality – Some opportunities and challenges of implementing ISO 9001:2015'. It was a simple but very content rich presentation. And I learned a lot about ISO aspect of KM. I wish her all the best!"

Rajal Chattopadhyay, Vice President & Global Head - Global Portfolio & Knowledge Management
Atos Consulting & Systems Integration

"Thank you Helen. Your session has given lot of insights into ISO standard and I personally feel with the inclusion of KM in ISO standard will have renewed focus on KM.

I am marking this mail to my colleague Archana and request her to continue the collaboration with you and understand more on Futuristic KM trends..

Looking forward to meet you again either in India or any other KM event in Australia"


"I have attended your speech on “KM Improving and Sustaining Quality – Some Opportunities and Challenges of ISO 9001:2015” at Taj Lands Mumbai. It was great to know that knowledge management is part of ISO 9001”2015. Your speech was great, highly appreciated"

Indresh Gangwar, Manager – Knowledge Management
Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.



"However you will be pleased to know that Knowledge Cafes are all the rage during our workshops in the Philippines. If you remember when we first did one here with Bob Wilson it was relatively new to them, but now it seems like it is just part of the process. The local facilitators seem to love them because of the level of small group engagement."
David Goodwins
Country Manager Philippines
Coffey International Development

"Coffey International Development, in association with the Canadian Urban Institute, engaged Dr Helen Paige to prepare and facilitate a Knowledge Cafe workshop in Manila to address two critical areas for our AusAID program - how donor organisations can improve coordination to maximise use of limited resources; and how to develop partnership approaches to ensure interventions deliver maximum benefit. The objective was to generate as many ideas as possible by exposing participants to meaningful discussions at all levels through a series of targeted questions. The main problem in the past has been that key experts in this area have become saturated in their thinking by continuous workshops and conferences and hence a new, more stimulating approach was needed. Dr Paige designed a workshop and series of questions that took advantage of the culture of the participants to socialise and talk, while providing the stimuli to ensure they stayed alert during proceedings and contributed new and exciting ideas in the process. Following the workshop, Dr Paige worked with the team to synthesise the results and distribute a summary of ideas to all participants within 24 hours.  Participants commented on this positive and uplifting approach and all felt like they made a valued contribution to something worthwhile. For Coffey it enabled the company to extract many more ideas within a shorter time period than conventional workshop approaches, and it has now been developed and used in other regions and activities."
David Goodwins
Project Director
Geospatial Information Systems

"As you know, this was out first attempt to come to grips with the "active harvesting of knowledge" from an ODA project as it entered its final stages of activity.
The results of the Cafe methodology were judged as very positive by the stakeholders/ partners involved. We believe your guidance and oversight of the process proved critical in ensuring our company's investment in time and money was productive and useful.

I hope you find the resources developed as an outcome of this activity of interest. I have just returned from PNG where we rolled out a country-wide KM strategy involving all our AusAID funded projects. Again the KM Cafe methodology was fully discussed and applied as a useful tool for the effective management of "lessons learnt" during the project life cycle.

Once again, our sincere thanks for your contributions to our ongoing work in this area."
Bob Wilson
Knowledge Manager
Coffey International Development

Tafe SA


"We want to thank you for all the time you put into facilitating the Professional Development Day for our staff on 4 July 2008 at Uleybury Wines.

Your commendable efforts on the day ensured a successful outcome for the Business Services team. You were able to energise a very diverse group of people in a creative and efficient manner. The day was facilitated in a highly professional style and your attention to detail was appreciated.

We would be delighted to use your services again in the future and highly recommend your services to any organisation with complete confidence."

Christine Medlin & Dr Baljit Bhela
Educational Managers
Business Services

O'Loughlins Lawyers

oloughlins logo

We are building on this and appreciate your help in getting us started.
Peter Myhill
O'Loughlins Lawyers

Ark Group


"I want to thank you again for the time and effort you put in. I really appreciated your attention to timekeeping - it made the event run much more smoothly."  
Rachael Wheldall
Co-Head of Production Ark Group

"The K-Cafe was certainly one of the highlights as it was an ideal way to ‘wrap up’proceedings on day one, and a great opportunity for delegates to meet and speak with each other before the second day of presentations. Thanks again for all your hard work and we hope to work with you again very soon."  
Valerie Moerbeck
Head of Production Ark Group

KM Energy, Engineering and Resource Sector-  Perth, 19-20th October 2011

km energy

Feedback from attendees of the World Knowledge Cafe:

"Excellent discussion and sharing information tool"

"Great way to end the event"

"Helen is obviously very passionate about the concept- it shows!"

Port Adelaide and Enfield Council

pae mainlogo

"The Knowledge Café was a very useful tool for identifying key issues by individual members within the team in a non-threatening manner."

Alexandrina Council

alexandrina logo

"Thanks our experience on the Wednesday was most enjoyable”
Karen Rokicinski
Team Leader – Environmental Health
Alexandrina Council

Carer Support

carer support

"People were appreciative of the fact that they were able to have their say about raising the awareness of the issues  impacting on them."

"People felt included and consulted in setting directions and in identifying strategies to address the gaps."

"Everyone enjoyed the sessions and believed it enabled the outcomes of the day to be achieved."

Peter Sparrow
Chief Executive Officer
Carer Support